Monday, October 15, 2012

Meal Plan Monday

Ah.  The new week is finally here.  I'm looking forward to having a relaxing week filled with nights at home and some time to spend in the kitchen.  I feel like it's been so long since I've done so.

Wait...did I just say relaxing week?  Did I just overlook the fact that I have a midterm, project, and paper due this week?

Nope.  No overlooking here.  Just excited to spend some weeknights at home. <-- She's crazy.

Either way...I'm also looking forward to eating those meals while watching the St. Louis Cardinals.  If you'll remember, I'm originally from Missouri.  I just happen to be hiding amongst a bunch of (disappointed) Red Sox fans at the moment.  And it happens to be quite fun.  Maybe I'll even whip up a few game day(s) snacks for the World Series?  Because you'll be watching right?  Right.

This week's Meal Plan (as usual) was purely based on things that sounded good at the moment.  No rhyme or reason.  No particular flow throughout the week.  Maybe if I had a little more time on my hands...

Actually, do you know how torturous it is to put these things together?  I'm always starving by the time I find something for Wednesday.  It's brutal.  But someone has to do it.

Also, I included cookbooks this week because...I started a new job at a lovely little shop in the North End called Shake the Tree.  And aside from all of the beautiful clothes, jewelry, and other little goodies you can find has the most wonderful cookbooks.  You know my Flour cookbook that I couldn't live without?  Purchased it at Shake the Tree...along with several other of my favorites.  Since I started working my need/desire to purchase more cookbooks than my kitchen can handle has been rejuvenated...but of course that's not an option.  So in order to postpone the cookbook buying extravaganza I decided to share them with you.  I'm hoping it will buy me a bit more time.


Asian Ahi Salad


 Baked Chiocciole with Brussels Sprouts, Apples, and Blue Cheese


Black Pepper Tofu


Roasted Carrot Soup with Citrus and Cumin
-from 5 & Spice


Shrimp, Bacon, and Figs served with Goat Cheese Quinoa and drizzled with Fig Balsamic

possible weekend meal...

Mushrooms and Tofu en Papillote

swoon worthy...
I actually received Yvette van Boven's first Home Made book last year for Christmas...and now I need this one.

I adore her.

Ugh.  I need this.  In a bad way.  Look at it.  It's beautiful.

This comes out October 30th.  Can't wait to see it.  I love Smitten Kitchen!

So...I might have already purchased this one at Shake the Tree last weekend.  Whoops.  It's wonderful.

This is another one I've been browsing at Shake the Tree.  
1) The recipes look delicious 2) There are adorable illustrations

I think I need another bread/baking cookbook.  Expand my horizons you know?
Tartine Bread by Chad Robertson and Eric Wolfinger


  1. Pre-breakfast blog reading makes me feel like I could eat a couch right now. Everything on this post looks TO DIE FOR! Even the cookbooks! So hungry. Thanks for sharing all this! I love browsing through cookbooks. :)

    If it tickles your fancy, please check out my newest post on my blog! I just posted a 10-second professional-looking cake decorating tip that's sure to wow all your friends! :)

    neha made

    1. Right?? Now you know how I feel when I'm searching for all of these things. My empty stomach HATES it. Glad hearing someone else shares my love for aimlessly browsing cookbooks. I would love to hear some of your favorites!

      I checked out your decorating was FABULOUS! So adorable. I'll have to try it out.


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