Friday, February 18, 2011

A little trip to Western Mass

My first post.  I'm nervous, but oh so excited.  Alright, here it goes.

Today we (and by we, I mean Kaston, Nick and I) went on a little scenic trip to Western Mass.  It was such a delightful drive through small little towns filled with white steeple churches and colorful little houses.  Very classic New England.  The weather was a beautiful 60 degrees and it was perfect driving weather.  The destination was The Lady Killigrew Cafe in Montague, MA.

Where do I even start to tell you how wonderful it was?  We were literally in the middle of nowhere when we pulled up to this little place right on the river.  The Lady Killigrew Cafe is an old mill that has been turned into this fabulous little hipster haven.  Not only is there a little cafe for lunch, there is a music and movie store (which the boys loved), a bookstore, and the Night Cafe that is only open on summer weekends.  All of these things are bundled up into a little cluster of beautiful barn red buildings with the sound of the rushing river in the background.

Now for the food.  YUM.  The menu was very small but offered mouth watering choices.  I had the NO. 3, which consisted of country sausage, white cheddar, and stone ground mustard on toasted homemade bread.  So simple but yet so wonderful.  The sandwich was served with a house salad dressed with a yummy maple balsamic vinaigrette.  Oh, then there was dessert.  I grabbed a chocolate cupcake on the way out the door, what a good decision.  As we walked through the precious little used bookstore and music/movie store, I nibbled on this chocolate goddess of a cupcake.  It was a vegan chocolate cupcake (told you I was in a hipster haven)  with a white mint frosting, and little mint chips in the cupcake.  Delicious.  Vegan=healthy, right?
 My mouth is watering again.

Ooh I want another!
                                   Pretty cool picture, right?                                  

Here is the facebook page for it.  It's cute.  Check it out.  The Lady Killigrew Cafe


  1. I love the name of your blog. Would make cute puppy names too.

  2. Emmm. I love this. I see you changed the background...and then changed it again. I like this one AND the one with colorful silverware. Can I just say this place sounds incredible. I want to go eat there when I come visit. PLEASE. You're going to dominate this food blogging.

    Valid point Marcia.

  3. I am starving after reading this & my mouth is watering looking at the pictures! I cannot wait to eat here! No puppy, girls, according to Kaston. But I'm sure if Emilie really wanted one they would have one......thanks for sharing Em!


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