Saturday, March 31, 2012

Flatbread Company

I'm going to go ahead and warn you that the possibility of this being a fairly long post that is filled to the brim with well, quite good.  I'm pretty excited about this one and I have a large file of pictures, so why not share them right?

As you may know, I decided back in January that at least once a month I was going to dine at a new restaurant in Boston and then tell you all of the wonderful things about it.  So, as usual I've waited until the last day of the month and here we are.  At least I'm predictable right?

The chosen one this month is Flatbread Company in Somerville, MA.  This place completely and gracefully fell into my lap.  Since my sweet little Kaitlin is in town, we knew that we had to take her candlepin bowling at some point during her visit for a true "Boston" experience.  We decided on Thursday night that we would take a shot at Sacco's in Davis Square, so I jumped on Yelp to find somewhere close for dinner.  Flatbread was at the tip top so I made a quick call to see if they took reservations.  This is when I discovered that Flatbread's was IN the bowling alley.  Talk about meant to be.  So, we moseyed on over to Davis Square and found Sacco's tucked away on a side street away from all of the hustle and bustle of the Square.  From the outside it looks a little dingy maybe even a little sketchy, but as soon as we stepped foot in the front door our whole world turned upside down.

The beautiful old bowling lanes were filled, the bar was overflowing, the tables were crunched together to feed as many hungry mouths as possible, and the mouthwatering smell of pizza was in the air.  Luckily, we called ahead and were able to get our table within 15 minutes.  We were promptly greeted by the waitress, drinks were ordered, and the menu was explained.  It was simple.  Fresh, delicious salads, well conceived pizza combinations, and then of course the desserts.  Let's look at pictures, yeah? (P.S.-they aren't the greatest pictures in the world...Sorry!)

Drinks first.  Of course I'm the only one not drinking beer with pizza.  Typical.  I had a Gin and Tonic with cucumber and mint.  And then several others at the table followed suit...Guess that beer wasn't so good after all was it?

That's right, all of their pizzas are made from farm fresh, local ingredients and then prepared in a wood-fired, clay oven pizza.

I had the "Veggie" Special.  Topped with oven roasted zucchini and squash, cherry tomatoes, red onion, herb ricotta, and parmesan.  It was to die for.  The herb ricotta base was unreal.

Obviously I was excited about it.  And since I didn't get a *good* picture of Kaston's pizza, you can see a corner of it in this photo.  He had the Cheese & Herb with grilled mushrooms.  That's right Kaston special ordered a pizza to have MUSHROOMS on it.  That's the last thing I ever expected him to order.

Ashley had Jimmy's Free-Range Chicken Pizza consisting of oven roasted chicken, black beans (which she omitted), cilantro, tomatoes, roasted corn, mozzarella, parmesan cheese, sour cream lime drizzle, and jalapenos.  Ay Ay Ay!


Nicholas crafted his own pizza with roasted red peppers and pepperoni.  I've never seen pepperonis this thick.  YUM.

And finally, Kaitlin ordered the "Carne" Special with chicken, bacon, red onion, arugula, and homemade ranch dressing.  It was a favorite at the table.

Let's not forget about the awesome crew that made those pizzas possible.  How about a round of applause for them? 

As soon as all of this food was brought to the table there were *gasps* and pure fear/joy that we would never be able to finish all of it.  BUT being the champions that we are...we didn't walk away with a single slice leftover.  It was THAT good.  

Now, I hate to put my favorites in order because I loved all of them but I'm going to do it anyways...

Favorites in order:
  1. Veggie Special
  2. Jimmy's Free Range Chicken
  3. Cheese, Herb, & Mushroom
  4. Carne Special
  5. Nick's Pepperoni and Red Peppers

Unfortunately there was still a several hour wait for bowling after dinner so we left these lovely professionals to it and headed to Lanes & Games in North Cambridge. We had an absolute blast and I'm sure we will be returning for a game or twelve sometime in the near future.

Conclusion: Call Sacco's.  Get your name on the list for bowling and dinner.  Get yourself and all of your friends to Davis Square via whatever means possible (plane, train, automobile), grab a drink at the bar while you wait for a table, pile into a booth when told to do so, order drinks, order pizza, swoon over delicious pizza, order more pizza, work it off with bowling, report back and tell me how much fun you had.  That shouldn't be too hard right?

Sacco's Bowl Haven and Flatbread Company
45 Day Street
Somerville, MA
Flatbread-11:30AM-11:30PM Sundays close at 10:30PM
Sacco's-9:00AM-Midnight Sundays close at 10:30PM

Visit Flatbread Company's Website {here}


  1. this is my favorite place in Boston! Im glad you guys finally got over there!

    1. Lauren- You have known about this place all this time and never told us?? SHAME ON YOU :)

  2. all of them look yummy! i went to the portland, me one years ago and remember loving it!

    1. We tried to go to the one in Burlington last fall and there was a 3 HOUR wait. And now I know why! It's such a great place!

  3. I go to the one in CT at least every other month and always get Jimmy's pizza. It's delicious!

    1. Mmm Jimmy's pizza is so good! I'm going this weekend and it's going to be a struggle not to order it since I'm not eating meat at the moment :(


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