Monday, March 19, 2012

Meal Plan Monday

It's Monday already?

Ahhhh man.

Mom, I don't *wanna* go to school!  Do I have to?

Fiiiiiiine.  I'll go.  But I'm not happy about it.

Does anyone else miss the time when there was a remote possibility you could get out of something if you pulled off the cute and pouty look just right?  Why doesn't that trick work in grown up world?  It's not fair.

I'm complaining here but really...I'm one happy camper.  Spring has sprung in Boston and it is glorious outside.  I took a late afternoon stroll around the neighborhood yesterday and the city was absolutely crawling with life.  Everyone had come out of hibernation to roll around in the grass or to grab a drink on an outdoor patio.  Now we can only hope Mr. Winter doesn't make an encore appearance.  He's tricky like that sometimes.

With that being said, this weeks meal plan is all about Spring.  And delicious vegetables.  Yum.  Happy Monday friends!


It seems silly that I just raved about how nice and warm it is outside and then I immediately tell you I'm going to make a hot know how much I love a good soup.  And this one is filled to the brim with my favorite veggies.  I couldn't help myself.
Spring Minestrone Soup


Put the word *Greek* in front of any dish and you'll win me over.  Really, it's that easy.  The only thing that could make these little pita pockets better is if I had my own garden to grow the cucumbers and tomatoes in....sigh.
Greek Steak Pita Pockets 


Men of our apartment...get ready to go weak at the knees.  According to their love affair with Trader Joe's frozen Asian cuisine, I think they are going to like this one.  Heck, they might even eat a few vegetables (if they get trapped under a piece of chicken).  
Stir-Fried Chicken and Rice with Spring Vegetables


I'm beyond thrilled to announce that on Thursday I'll be dining out because...I get to go see the Hunger Games several days early!  Ashley over at The Uniqueness of Being is super woman and got us tickets.  In order to save up an appetite for popcorn and possibly dinner at Sweet Cheeks I think I'll throw together this simple spring salad for lunch.  It looks delightful.
Spring Salad with Prosciutto and Grapefruit


I'll admit it...the amount of asparagus going on this week is obscene.  Or wonderful.  I like the second approach better since there is no such thing as too much asparagus in my book.  This dish screams Spring.  A light pasta with veggies, lemon, and cheese?  Yes, please.
Asparagus, Goat Cheese, and Lemon Pasta

 Spring means Farmers' Markets.  Which means fresh produce.  Which means I'm going to be in heaven very very soon.  They are still about a month away from starting up so, for now daydreaming of these things will have to do.

Citrus and Ginger Smoothie

Cherry Almond Crumble 

Spiced Plum Jam with Vanilla Bean
Ooooh.  Aaaah.  Guess who has a Williams-Sonoma Gift Card...This girl.  You can read about this lovely thing {here}.


  1. Mmmmm, all these look so yummy! I think I'm gonna try Tuesday's dish this week...or possibly Wednesdays, because I suddenly very-much want something stir-fry-ish. ALso: JEALOUS! I kindasortaREALLY wanna go see the Hunger Games! How'd Ashley get early tickets???
    ps. going to the april boston blogger's get-together? :)

    1. If you do end up trying them I want to hear how delicious they are! And since you are looking for something stir-fry-ish you should check out the new Ginger Fried Rice post. It was DELICIOUS. And...Ashley got tickets to the Hunger Games because she's amazing. And a BU alumni which allowed her to get the tickets (since it's a BU event). Can't wait! I will be going to the April get-together so I assume I'll see you there! YAY.


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