Thursday, May 31, 2012

Foodie PenPal Reveal

Last month my mother insisted that I sign up for this little thing called Foodie PenPals.  I was a little weary at first, but it took about 15 seconds of her explaining to get me signed up.

So, let me explain...

Every month a ton (800+) of foodies join in the exchange of local and homemade food items with other foodies across the country.  On the 5th every month, Lindsay from The Lean Green Bean, sends out a list matching all of those foodies up with one person to send a package to and one person to receive a package from.  With me still?

Then you get in contact with both of your PenPals for the month, exchange food likes/dislikes, allergies, diets and so on.  After that you start creating a $15 package of local or homemade goodies for your PenPal all the while someone is creating one for you!  Doesn't this sound amazing already?

By the 15th of the month all packages are sent and then you get to impatiently wait until your package arrives!

To get a few more details and sign yourself up, click {here}!

The Lean Green Bean

This month I was paired with two lovely bloggers.  Jaime from Jaime's Journeys and Lisa from Feed You With a Kiss.  And they were the best pair a new Foodie PenPal could ask for.  Both of them have incredibly adorable blogs that you need to check out.  So go click on the links.

First I received Jaime's package...

It's here!  It's here!

The anticipation...

Jaime put together such a great package stocked full of local goodies!  And the purple piece of paper explained what and where everything was from.

First up we have two of my favorite things.  Coffee and Tea.  I absolutely destroyed the coffee in a mere couple of days.  There is a no doubt in my mind why they call it dark chocolate decadence.  Yum.  I've been trying to savor the tea and keep it around for a bit longer but it's just as delicious and probably won't survive too much longer.

Oh....holy chocolate.  Jaime knew the way to my heart.  As well as all of the men in the apartment, who stood hovering over me begging to take a bite.

Delicious local honey!  I've been using it in vinaigrette dressings and various baking projects.

This stuff is awesome!  Apparently it's from two guys who live in Jaime's town and have a local grilling show on TV once a week.  So legit.  I've been using it on EVERYTHING.

I haven't made this yet and I definitely need to.  Maybe I'll do that today...I don't need to prepare for the tour right?

This might have happened before I could finish snapping pictures of the package....Mmmmmm.

Okay so not only did I receive one package this month but I received TWO.  The PenPal that I sent a package to, also sent me a package because she is just that wonderful.  I was totally shocked to see it sitting on my doorstep and was convinced that it was just a mix up and that I would have to send it back.  BUT it wasn't!  Thank you so much Lisa!  And by the way...if you want to see what I sent her click {here}!

So many delicious Seattle sweets and goodies!  And unfortunately not all of it is shown because...some of it was gone by the time I could take a picture....

I can't wait to keep in touch with these ladies as well as meet my new PenPals for June.  Thanks Lindsay for starting such a great program!


  1. It looks like you got some awesome stuff! Who doesn't love chocolate?

    1. Right!? I'm going to go ahead and suggest that all of those out there that don't like chocolate are....not human. :)

  2. Awe, two Foodie Penpal deliveries!? Lucky lady! Looks like you got some truly wonderful things :) I participated in Foodie Penpal Exchange for the first time in May. What a great experience! I met some great new, inspiring bloggers and got such wonderful treats. Definitely signing up again :)

    1. I saw your reveal post as well! It looked like your PenPal sent some seriously delicious things! I can't wait for June 5th to roll around so I can start creating a new package!

  3. Looks like you were spoiled rotten this month! Jaime is my sister, and I know she was so excited to participate. I still haven't done foodie penpals, but I definitely need to check it out!


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