Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May New Eatery: Boston Food Trucks!

I'm going to do something a little out of the ordinary here...

Are you ready for it?

I'm going to tell you about May's new eatery(ies) before the 31st.  Crazy right?  This almost makes it seem like I'm on top of things this month.  And while that might be somewhat true, the real reason is that I have something else planned for the 31st.  But I can't tell you about that quite yet.  So, you'll have to be patient.

Have I ever told you what I want to do when I get out of college?

I haven't?

Shoot.  Well, I want to open a food truck.  Plain and simple.  I don't know where.  I don't know what kind of food.  I just know that it's my plan.  And I'm pretty excited about it.

Can we make a pact that you'll come eat there someday?  That would be wonderful.

Considering my love for food trucks, it only seemed practical to do this month's new eatery post about the Greenway Food Truck Festival we attended at the beginning of the month.

We strolled along the Greenway from the North End and were abruptly hit with the intoxicating smell of food.  Our tummies were rumbling and it took some major dedication to be able to make a decision on where to eat.  There were probably 15-20 trucks serving up yummy goodness, along with live music, and fun outdoor games (that we would have played had the ominous rainclouds not been dancing above us.).

I would love to tell you about all of the food trucks that were there but that would just take way too long.  I also would have loved to sample something from all of the trucks that were there...but that probably wouldn't be okay either.  *sigh*

Instead, I'll tell you about where we ate.  And then you can look at all of the photos I took of the guys eating.  It'll be fun.  I promise.

Let's start here.  Kaston and I both decided on Go Fish.  I think we were lured in by the incredibly bright shiny truck.

I had the....*takes big breath*...Chilled Miso Seared Salmon Rice Paper Wrap with Ginger/Wasabi dressed Asian Greens, Radish, and Sesame Shiitake Mushrooms...

Whew.  That's a mouthful.  Um..anyways.  This wrap was unreal.  Like really really good.  I highly encourage you to try it if 1) you live in Boston 2) you see the big bright shiny Go Fish truck

Kaston had The Ultimate Fried Haddock Sandwich with a Roasted Red Pepper along with some fries and iced tea.

Keep scrolling and you'll see how much he approved.

Nick had this massive hot dog thingy from Firedog (I think).

Please note that it's larger than his face.

Now it's time to look at all the pictures of the boys devouring their food.

This is Blake.  I can't for the life of me remember what he got (sort of looks like a hot dog?).  Probably because I didn't take a picture of it.  Oops.  He's obviously enjoying it.

I should have counted the number of bites it took Nick to take that giant hot dog down.  Because it was a surprisingly low number.

By the way ladies...he's totally single.

See...I told you he liked it...a lot.

After we finished up round 1 we headed down to the other end where Roxy's, Bon Me, and Kickass Cupcakes were parked.

I've never had Kickass Cupcakes, but I can only assume that they are kickass?

Nick made the ultimate sacrifice more food.  This is a short rib grilled cheese (uh, yeah.) from Roxy's.  And it's {take it home to your momma} good.  Thanks Nick.

Those almost look like three real smiles yeah?  Must've been all of the yummy food.

These are all of the upcoming Food Truck Festivals in close proximity to Boston so get yourself to one of them!


  1. my friend and i went too. We got roxy's grilled cheese- we each tried a different one & shared- So delicious! I want to try the fish place, for sure!

    1. Roxy's is sooooo good! Let me know what you think of Go Fish!

  2. Bon Me has really good noodle salads! And their thai basil lemonade is really good too, it inspired me to start making my own last summer.

    1. I've actually never had their noodle salads but I totally agree that their lemonade is to die for! Guess I'll have to go get some noodles soon :)


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