Monday, May 7, 2012

Meal Plan Monday

I feel like we've been apart for so long.

But really, it was only a week.  But a week without you and a week without my kitchen makes for a looooong one.  So let's not do that again anytime soon, okay?

To make up for lost time I plan on taking a major trip to the grocery store and then holing up in the kitchen until my heart is satisfied.  Which might take a while.  Hopefully that means that I'll be getting all sorts of recipes to you this week.  That would be nice wouldn't it?

Keep your fingers crossed.


Did I mention I have jury duty today?  It's true.  Fulfilling my civic duties.  Which means I won't be able to take refuge in my kitchen for the entire day as I mentioned above.  Ah, well.  Since I'm not sure how long the whole process will take, I'm planning on this for dinner.  I made it two weeks ago for the My Politic CD release show and literally heard praises.'s possible that several people bowed down to me.  No joke.
Mediterranean Quinoa Bowl 


Several weeks back, I got a recipe request.  Something with Salmon.  Maybe pasta?  Maybe a creamy sauce to go with it?  So...I'm fulfilling requests.  How does this sound Kaitlin?  Do you approve?
Pasta with Salmon and Pesto Cream Sauce


Did you know that I have some of the greatest friends ever?  For my birthday two of my lovely pals (who have since abandoned me for Maryland) got me a subscription to the La Cucina Italiana magazine.  And ooooh my goodness.  It's beautiful, and wonderful, and I'm in love.  This will be my first recipe from the magazine and will be my first time playing with an entire fish.  I can't wait.
Roasted Sea Bass with Fava Beans, Olives, and Celery Leaves


I figured after two days of fish I should give it a break (at least until tomorrow) and indulge in a different kind of meat.  This salad is right up my alley.  Veggies, chicken, sesame seeds, vinaigrette?  I'm in.
Mandarin Chicken Salad with a Sweet and Sour Vinaigrette


This past weekend I attended the Boston Food Truck Festival.  And it was unreal.  I promise to tell you all about it at a later date.  (I even took pictures)  
After much deliberation I decided to go with this wrap from Go Fish.  Best decision I've made in a while.  BUT now I'm hellbent on recreating it.  I need to have it again.  So I'm going to attempt it myself.  I'll let you know how it goes.
Grilled Salmon Rice Paper Wrap with Ginger/Wasabi Asian Greens and Sesame Shittake Mushrooms

{because mom deserves it}
it's almost Mother's Day.  And you know what?  Mom deserves breakfast in bed.
You can't ever go wrong with eggs benedict.  Ever.  This one has a nice little twist that mom will love.  I'm sure of it.
Eggs Benedict with BBQ Hollandaise

Uh.  These look delicious.  They remind me of the Olive Oil Almond Cake I made.  And when breakfast can remind you of a should be made immediately.
Almond Poppyseed Pancakes with Almond Syrup

Just in case you've got a momma that likes her breakfast a little bit on the lighter side.  This paired with a big steamy cup of coffee?  Yum.
Avocado Toast with a Poached Egg and Cilantro

And last but not least...the most wonderfully indulgent of them all.
Gooey Apple Cinnamon Rolls

It's her day and I think she should be treated to a yummy drink.  Especially after putting up with you for all of these years. 
 Blackberry Lemon Gin Fizz

And of course if a midday cocktail isn't her should treat her to this and save her a trip to Starbucks.
The Perfect Iced Coffee


  1. Just be careful of the Go Fish truck, they're not ServeSafe and they tend to be entirely unsanitary, including double dipping dirty fingers into their sauces and smoking cigarettes in the truck where they prepare the food... ick!

    Btw everything you posted for mother's day ideas, especially that black berry lemon gin fizz sounds to die for!!!

    1. Oh goodness. Thank you for the advice! I think I'm going to make the gin fizz soon so check back for the post :) I assume it's going to be to die for!


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