Monday, June 25, 2012

Meal Plan Monday

Psssst....I'm back!

Can you believe it?  Three weeks flew right by and here I am back in Boston.  As some of you know (from reading the tour updates) I had the time of my life but I must say being back home is a welcome change of pace.  I missed my bed and my kitchen dearly.  But mostly my kitchen.  I would sleep in the back of a car as long as I had a wonderful kitchen to spend my days in.  Seems like an interesting choice doesn't it?

Today I have a to-do list that is disgustingly long but I plan to ignore the majority of it, mainly because it's pouring rain outside but also because I plan to be in the kitchen alllllll day.  I used this excuse yesterday as well.  Only I replaced the "it's pouring rain" with "it's sunny and I'm going to the lake".  I love interchangeable excuses.

I had most of the following meals planned out and grocery list ready by the time we hit Boston on Saturday night.  Being in the car for 5000 miles/3 weeks provides ample time to scour recipes and make plans for future meals.  While on the trip, Kaston decided he was going back to being a pescetarian as soon as we returned to Boston and Nick decided to join in on the fun...which sort of put me on the bandwagon.  Why not, right?  So, as you will notice the following meals are sans "land animals".  Enjoy!

Last night I was too excited to get back into my kitchen.  And I got a little ahead of myself on the meal plan for the week.  I made a version of this pasta (with quite a few changes) and it was deeeelicious.  It was so refreshing and a great first home-cooked meal.  Luckily it's so good because it will probably also serve as our second home-cooked meal tonight!
Creamy Pea and Mint Spaghetti 


You either love or hate gazpacho.  There is no in between.  And I'm a person that happens to LOVE it.  How do you feel about it?  We used to make this delicious cold soup every summer at the Tea Room and the chopping process for the amount of soup we made was absurd.  It literally took the entire kitchen/as many hands that could fit into that tiny space.  I'm ashamed to say that I haven't made gazpacho since then.  BUT I had some the other day at a little restaurant outside of Philly and immediately decided I needed to incorporate it back into my summer routine.  I'll probably make it today so the flavors can meld and be absolutely delicious for tomorrow.  YUM.


I haven't had tofu since leaving Boston.  I think I may have mentioned something about making it at home (in Missouri) and received somewhat of a snarl from my mother.  She just doesn't know what she's missing.  This is the first recipe I've come across where the tofu is roasted instead of pan fried and I'm intrigued.  I also love the addition of roasted kale.
Roasted Tofu and Kale with Pine Nuts


I'm hoping by Thursday that this rainy weather Boston is experiencing will subside and we can go outside to grill.  I've yet to try black bean burgers on the grill but it seems easy peasy.
Black Bean Burger


Kale.  Shrimp.  Lentils.  I'm in.  Seriously this looks delicious.  It's been hiding in my Foodgawker favorites for quite sometime and I feel like I've totally been missing out.  I'll definitely give you a full report on this one.
French Lentils with Kale and Shrimp
from Bev Cooks

a few summer treats   
these are just a few things I wouldn't mind being at my next outdoor get together...

Lemon Mousse Tart with Berries

Cherry Hand Pies

Banana Pudding


Nutella Fudge Pops

Strawberry Basil Ice Cream

Don't forget that these pictures are not mine!!  The owners are linked underneath each picture so make sure to go give them some blog love!


  1. Glad to see you're back :) Those cherry pies look super yummy x

    1. Right?? I think hand pies are adoooorable. I'm thinking that will a baking project for tomorrow :) Stay tuned for a recipe!

  2. THANK GOD YOU'RE BACK. I don't know if I've eaten a great home cooked meal since you left. I'm withering away. (Oh and I missed you too.)

    1. Haha of course you haven't! I can't wait to feed your withering tummy!

  3. Is that some eggplant I spot underneath that black bean patty? Yum! Excellent looking picks, miss. :)

    1. I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't even NOTICE the eggplant! Who am I??? Thank goodness I have you here to point these glorious things out to me. Now I can't wait to make it!

  4. So glad you had a fun trip! Hopefully My Politic really spread their music around and I'm sure they have tons of new fans :) That's great that you are all going pescatarian! I've been for about a year now, and can't imagine going back right now. Never tried gazpacho - but saved that recipe! & I made some strawberry hand pies just like those cherry ones for Father's Day.. so cute and handy! ;) Long comment over.

    1. A fellow pescatarian! I would love to pick your brain about some of your favorite recipes! So glad to hear you saved the gazpacho recipe. It's to die for. And the recipe is now up on my blog so check it out! I'm thinking hand pies tomorrow...maybe strawberry...maybe cherry...

  5. Of course! I'll have to send you an e-mail with a few of my faves! Good luck on the hand-pies :) So worth the time, trust me!

  6. Glad to see you back! :) *hugs* Sounds like you had an incredible 3 weeks!

    Ooo! You'll love the lemon mousse tart with berries! I need to make that again. It's one of my favs!

    I must try that black bean burger! And some gazpacho. I've yet to try it for some reason. *hah*

    1. Thank you! It's so wonderful to be back!

      I was browsing through your recipes and had such a hard time deciding which one to pick! They all look so delicious!

      If you get to the gazpacho let me know how it goes!


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