Monday, June 11, 2012

My Politic Tour Update #2

Hi everyone!

You should know that I just enjoyed my first shower in a couple of days (not counting the lake/river showers), I still have a completely fully belly of BBQ (from last night), AND I just slept in a real bed.  Talk about living big.  Clean, well rested, and a full belly.  Yes please.

Since we last chatted the guys have played two shows in Chattanooga and we have enjoyed two glorious days off.  The first of those days was spent floating the Elk River in Tennessee and yesterday was spent exploring the Smoky mountains and Asheville, NC, which might be one of my favorite areas...ever.

This morning we are spending our last moments with the Boston boys before we have to part ways as they head back up the East coast and we continue on our journey.  I'm unbelievably sad to see them go but it must happen.  I've spent a considerable amount of time begging them to continue on with us but their responsibilities aren't having it.  So we spent last night getting cozy in the hotel, taking showers, watching movies, and getting in a few more laughs before they depart.

Once again I'm going to share the rest of our adventures via pictures so enjoy!

And don't forget you can check out other updates and videos on My Politic's site {here} or follow them on twitter @my_politic

day 4:

The Northern boys were dying to try one of the infamous Waffle Houses that they had seen littering the highways.  Ask and you shall receive boys.

After breakfast, we headed out to the only canoe rental that would answer our phone calls.  I have to admit that we all had Deliverance flashbacks as we pulled up to this barn in the middle of a cornfield in podunk Tennessee.  But as you can already tell we made it out alive with no problems.

Ready to float.  Once again a first for those Northern boys!

 We basically had the river to ourselves and it was gorgeous!

 If any of you know me in the slightest, you'll know that I was definitely not drinking that budweiser.

 Smallest frog in the world!

Brendan and Trev spent a majority of their time on the river flipped over...or searching for their stuff that went floating on without them.


 The life.


I made it into a picture!

Gorgeous end to the float.


We ended the day with a few quick naps and then a night next to the fire.  S'mores were involved of course.

day 5:

 Early Saturday morning we packed up our gear and headed back East with Lake Ocoee in mind.


It has become a staple in our North Carolina routine (just like Luella's BBQ and Early Girl Eatery) and we had to stop by for a dip.
Seriously, I think we might be scaring Brendan and Trevor with the amount of ridiculous things they've been introduced to while on this trip.  This was their first time funnel cake experience.  Luckily it was topped with ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and cherries.  Uhh what?  I can't decide if I'm happy to say or ashamed to say that I didn't participate in the destruction of this dish.

 The night was topped off with a great show at The Camp House.

 day 6:

Have you been to the Smoky Mountains yet?  Because you should go.  It's beautiful.  And I highly encourage it.  I had to hold myself back from posting 8 bazillion pictures up above.

 I also encourage mechanical bull riding.

 Especially when it's someone else and I can take ridiculous pictures/videos of them.

 He's dying to be a "redneck".

 Kaston's first bite of meat after 4 months!  He saved himself for Luella's BBQ and looooved it.



The aftermath.

After dinner we made our way down to the River Arts District in Asheville (and loved it!), found a little brewery, and played cornhole!  Perfect end to the day.

And's on to Early Girl Eatery and I'm starving!  More updates and guest posts coming soon!


  1. I love your bikini :) Enjoy the rest of the tour :D x

  2. It looks like you are having an amazing time! I just wanted to tell you thank you again for the My Politic album! It has not left the CD player in my jeep since getting it :) It fit perfectly with my taste in music, and it's beautiful! Tell the boys thank you for making such amazing music... they have a new fan :)

    1. Ah! I'm so glad to hear that! They're pretty awesome, right? :) And also they say thank you!!

  3. Wow! Looks like you are having the best time ever! :)

    1. I AM! It's been an absolute blast so far. Thanks for keeping up with my travels!


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