Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Politic Tour Update #4 -- Adventures in Missouri

This was the first visit back home that I actually took pictures.


Because I am.  Usually I'm scrambling to snap a few last minute photos in the airport parking lot just to have enough pictures to count on one hand.  BUT this time I had to filter through them because there were so many.

We rolled into Missouri around 3am on Thursday morning and groggily stumbled into my house to put ourselves to bed.  Those several hours of sleep before the long weekend began were much needed.  The next morning we roused ourselves out of bed to get over to Spring Creek Tea Room for some lunch.  The Tea Room is always an essential first stop when arriving home....and I usually have plans in place before I cross the Missouri border.  As you know, I like to think ahead when it comes to food.  The rest of the day was spent relaxing and preparing to go surprise Kaston's dad with our arrival.  We kept the whole tour/us coming home thing a secret as a little birthday and father's day surprise for him.  The rest of the weekend is a big blur of My Politic shows, food, card games, and a big BBQ.  The guys played a house show on Friday night, The Farmers Market of the Ozarks and The Copper Run Distillery on Saturday, and a BBQ at my house on Sunday.  All of which were fantastic.

I had such a great time being home and getting to see everyone even if it was only for a few short days.  And I owe a big thank you to everyone that took time out of their busy weekends to come say hello and join us for the festivities!

Enjoy the pictures!

Guess what!  I have three more guest posts for you!  Next one is coming up tomorrow so check back in!

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  1. Looks like a great trip, those peaches look delicious :) x


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