Monday, December 10, 2012

Guest Post at This Heart of Mine

Happy Monday!

I have a few quick announcements before I run off to my first dreaded final.

First and foremost...I'm doing a guest post today over at This Heart of Mine for Amy's Homemade for the Holidays Series!  I'm pretty excited about it and have a feeling you will be too once you see the Eggnog Crack...I mean Eggnog Crumble Cake that I'm sharing.'s to die for.  I'll be posting the recipe here on Scarborough Food Fair within the next week but don't wait.  Click {here} to check it out.  Go drool.  Go now. 

As for the rest of the week....Tomorrow I'll be posting my 2012 Foodie Gift Guide!  I meant to have it out a bit earlier but let's be honest, you aren't completely finished with your shopping...are you?  If you are...there is no way you're sitting in front of a computer right now reading this.  You're far too productive for that.  You're probably running a marathon or something.  And if you are reading this, you should browse the internet a bit longer and stop making the rest of us look bad.  Please and thank you.

Wednesday...I'll be posting the recipe for Double Chocolate Cherry Cookies that I sent out for The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap.  I'll tell you more on Wednesday but if you missed out this year you MUST sign up next year.  So far I've received the most delicious chocolate chip nutella cookies and some sort of fabulous chocolate chip/oat/m&m cookie bar...and still have a dozen on the way.  Hello cookie heaven.

Don't forget to head over to This Heart of Mine and tell Amy how wonderful this series is!

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