Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Plough and Stars

So before I jump into this...let me give you a little run down on what's going on here...

After returning from Missouri a thought came ringing in loud and clear.  "You live in Boston, why in the world aren't you taking advantage of this and exploring more new restaurants?"  This conversation I had with myself was a bit longer, but you get the gist.  So starting then I decided I would make more of an effort to visit at least one new restaurant a month (and hopefully more) throughout the next year.  And then it came to me that I could tell you about these new restaurants.  Why not, right?

So here we are for the first post of 12 new restaurants in 2012.

First, I have something to admit about this post.  The plan was to visit the popular Friendly Toast diner this morning for brunch.  However, there was a 2 HOUR wait.  And for any of you that know know that I get hungry horns (meaning that I want to and will kill anything and everything in the general area if food is not promptly put into my stomach) and therefore 2 hours is an unacceptable amount of time to wait for food.

So instead, we headed over to the Plough and Stars.  And while this wasn't my first time visiting The Plough, it was the first time I had experienced their brunch.  And it was on my list of restaurants to visit.  So, I believe that this is acceptable.  The following months however, will be brand new restaurants.

Moving forward.

The Plough is a cozy little Irish pub located on Mass Ave in Cambridge.  It's known for having live music nearly every night and a great bar to go along with it.  In the past year and a half I've been there several times for My Politic shows.  Unfortunately during those several visits I never realized they were also cooking up some mean concoctions.  Last week Ashley and I dropped in merely because we were famished, driving down Mass Ave, and there was a parking spot literally right in front of the building (which never happens).  I ordered the most delicious dish of scallops, goat cheese potato gratin, with a side of grilled mangoes and asparagus.  Unbelievable.  That is all I have to say.

As soon as that first bite hit my taste buds I started planning my next visit.  I noticed earlier on the menu that they had a Sunday brunch that looked killer.  And that brings us to this morning...

I ordered the Huevos Rancheros Del Arado...

...which consisted of grilled corn tortillas, black beans, chorizo, 2 fried eggs, and salsa.  YUM.

Kaston obviously ordered the Irish Breakfast (which Ron Swanson would be proud of!).  It was our go to breakfast in Ireland and was always sooooo good.  It's 2 eggs, 2 bangers, Irish bacon, black and white pudding, grilled tomatoes, baked beans, and toast.  Talk about a manly meal.

 Little Nicky ordered the Big Star Breakfast.  2 eggs, 2 bangers, 2 pieces of applewood smoked bacon, grilled country ham, home-fries, and toast.  Which one wins the manliest meal?

Or which one looks more manly eating their big pieces of meat?

He's single ladies!


Not being a huge breakfast eater Ash ordered the famous Cuban sandwich.  Smoked ham, slow roasted pork, pickles, gruyere & smoked chili mayo. Ay yi yi!

Isn't she precious?

It was an unforgettable brunch stop.  I highly encourage everyone to stop in whether it be for brunch, dinner, or just a few drinks and live music.  You won't be disappointed.
Don't forget to visit them at!

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